Pockets full of stones, sunlit bits of etched bark, shells and beads and feathers, glimpses of green and gold — what draws our eye and makes us want to touch & to have?

It’s beauty, but it’s also memory: the fort we built as a child, either under a table or in the woods, provided us with a chance to shape our own story. The treasures we collected and sheltered there bolstered and renewed our belief in the “specialness” of our lives.

As we continue to idiosyncratically shape our spaces and invite others into our “forts,” we are sharing not only our own narrative, but the stories of many who came before, ordinary people who saw beauty in the quotidian, who made or gathered the items that helped to call a house their home.

These are findings, and we are the finders. We marvel at and treasure these objects. We are caretakers of the literal and of the real, the object passed from hand to hand

We are collectors — we want to hold and to share the beauty of the world, whether acorn or emerald.

Happy Findings!